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Bible Verses About Hope

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Although, even with eternity in mind, it can be hard for us as Christians to be filled with hope every day. I believe God has given us truth in His Word that can give us hope for eternity and for now.

Mustard Seed Faith

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When Jesus talks about faith the size of a mustard seed, what does He really mean? Are we meant to measure our faith in mustard seeds, or is there a more important message behind the illustration?

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from My Mess by Troy Black

As I was reading my Bible one night, I came across this passage spoken by Jesus. As I read it, I began to feel afraid. I began to feel afraid for two reasons. The first reason was that when I looked at my life, I could see no good fruit. There simply was none there at all. Instead I had continued to “fight the good fight,” hoping that as few thorns as possible stuck into my skin. You see, good fruit does not mean doing good things. Good fruit does not mean being nice to people or sharing with people or helping people when they need help. Good fruit is not going to church or reading your Bible or praying. Good fruit is not dressing appropriately or singing the right songs or acting spiritual. Good fruit is doing the will of God, and it is impossible to do the will of God if you do not know Him. You can go around being good all day, but if you do not truly know God then what you have done will never amount to anything. God calls us to love one another, but if you are “loving” your brother for your own reasons, then you are not truly loving God.

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