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I’m a Christian author, speaker, and video creator. I started Inspire Christian Books to spread hope, inspiration, and the Truth of Jesus Christ to the nations. My passion for producing Christian material stems from my personal story of grace and forgiveness that you can read about in my book, My Mess.

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Author Troy Black
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30 Days of Inspiration and Hope

New Release from Troy Black

The Word of God promises us that we can have hope even in the hardest of times. We get to claim this promise by abiding in Christ. However, how often do we look for hope in our circumstances instead of in Jesus? I wrote 30 Days of Inspiration and Hope to encourage you to take hold of the lasting hope that we can have through a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. My prayer is that as you read this book, you will get to know Him on a more personal level and allow His love and His Spirit to renew your strength. I believe that with Jesus, there is always hope.

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