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Independent and Small Press Christian Books

Bible Teacher's Guide - Knowing God
The Bible Teacher’s Guide: Theology Proper: Knowing God the Father

What is the highest good in life that anyone can pursue? In Latin, there is a term summum bonum, which means “the highest good out of which all good flows.” Many pursue wisdom, social justice, wealth, power, or physical strength as the highest good in life. However, none of these compare to the benefits of knowing God. Listen to what the Lord said through the prophet Jeremiah: Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches, but let him who boasts boast about this: that he understands and knows me. Jeremiah 9:23-24 The highest pursuit in life is a deep and intimate knowledge of God, and it is from this intimate knowledge that every good thing flows. Love, joy, peace, perseverance, patience, forgiveness, and anything else that is good flows from knowing God. Let us pursue a deeper knowledge of God together with the aid of the Bible Teacher’s Guide.

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Bible Teacher's Guide - First Peter
The Bible Teacher’s Guide: First Peter: How to Live as Pilgrims in a Hostile World Home

The letter of First Peter was written to persecuted Christians scattered throughout the Roman Empire. It was meant to both encourage and instruct them on how to live as pilgrims in a hostile world. This message is still relevant today. Christ declared that in the end times believers would be hated by “all nations” because of him (Matthew 24:9). With the continuing culture shift, animosity and persecution towards Christians is increasing at an alarming rate. Over 400 Christians are martyred every day, and more saints have died for the faith in the last century than all the previous combined. The words of First Peter are a message of hope, desperately needed to encourage and prepare the Church for what lies ahead. Let’s journey through Peter’s letter together with the aid of the Bible Teacher’s Guide.

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The Power of Hope for Prodigals
The Power of Hope for Prodigals: Prepare the Way Home

If your child has taken a prodigal path, you need the transforming power of hope…hope that will not only empower you to persevere through this journey, but will also enable you to interact with your child in a positive way. Candidly sharing from her personal journey with a daughter whose life took an alarming detour, “The Hope Lady” Karen Sebastian offers refreshing Biblical perspectives, which will help you receive and impart God’s gift of hope. Rather than dealing with external manifestations of rebellion, The Power of Hope for Prodigals addresses issues of the heart and leads the reader to pray accordingly. Discover practical steps to establish hope in the midst of dark times. Learn how to see your child through the Father’s eyes. Speak words of hope and encouragement. Prepare the way home—it’s shorter than you think.

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The Line and the Dot Book
The Line and the Dot: Alternative Thoughts on Vision

Do you have an idea, a vision, a passion to bring about change? If so, you need this book. In this completely revised second edition, The Line and the Dot equips you to navigate the four stages of vision. Drawing on his experience of pioneering the global Pais Movement of missionaries making missionaries, author and speaker Paul Clayton Gibbs prepares you to pass the tests each stage brings. This book both forewarns and forearms you so that you can see your own vision fulfilled.

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The King's Invitation
The King’s Invitation

Many are invited, but few actually go. Follow the travels of a boy on his journey to see the King. Along the way, he meets others who have plenty of excuses not to go with him. Instead, they load him down with well-meaning gifts and advice. It’s a lot to carry! Will he make it to the Royal City? Or will he give up? Find out who he meets that makes all the difference.

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Haverim Four Lost Levels of Study
Haverim: The Four Lost Levels of Study

Did you realize that Jesus’ style of teaching was fundamentally different from contemporary Christian Bible study? Yet, the means by which Jesus understood and unpacked the scriptures are completely relevant today. More than that, His rabbinical style of communication, comprised of four levels, is essential for engaging believers and non-believers alike.

By transferring the four lost methods of study into a modern format, Pais Global Director Paul Gibbs developed what has become known as Haverim DevotionsTM. This fresh approach to the ancient way is now occurring in small groups around the world, connecting people to God through His Word…and helping them connect others.

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Famous Bible Verses
Famous Bible Verses: 365 Days to More Happiness, Love, Faith & Spirituality

The Bible is an invaluable source of hope and inspiration. Its teaching, guidance and life lessons are invaluable toward giving life purpose and learning how to better oneself in every aspect of their being.

Many people do not have the time to experience the enriching experience of reading The Bible in its entirety, which is unfortunate. The lessons of The Bible are something that everyone should have the chance to gain knowledge and motivation from.

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