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About Inspire Christian Books

About Inspire Christian Books

Who We Are

Inspire Christian Books is a Christian independent publisher that seeks to provide fiction and non-fiction books that promote the gospel message. Inspire Christian Books was founded by Troy Black, a Christian author and media professional. Troy’s passion for producing Christian material stems from his story of grace and forgiveness that you can read about in his book, My Mess. His goal is to impact a generation by providing Christian material and resources that ultimately point to our Savior Jesus Christ. Troy is married to his wife, Leslie Black, and they have two daughters named Mirabelle and Iona.


What We Do

Inspire Christian Books produces several types of Christian media, including Christian Books, a Christian Podcast called The Inspirational Life, a Christian blog called The Inspired Thoughts Blog, Christian videos, along with other Christian resources. We hope to one day offer an opportunity for Christian authors who are already published or who are self-published to promote their books on our website and through our online channels.


Our Mission

Inspire Christian Books has one overall mission: to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Inspire is different from a normal ministry. We are not a non-profit, but we make our business a ministry in that we allow the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit to direct our decisions. Our highest goal is to reach people for Christ, and our vision involves pouring out more than we take in. We believe that every Christian in business should be in business for the Lord, and so we do not measure success based off of impact in the world’s eyes. True success should be measured in level of impact for the kingdom of God.


How You Can Support Us

Since we are not a non-profit, we cannot offer the opportunity for tax-free donating. However, we still appreciate your support. If you have been impacted by Inspire, the best ways that you can support the work we are doing is through purchasing our books, sharing our books with others, and by sharing our website and material through social media.  You can also support Troy Black directly through fan funding the Inspire Christian Books Youtube channel or through the donation form on We are deeply grateful for your support!