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Inspired Thoughts

An Inspirational Christian Blog by Troy Black

Have you ever wondered why the Christian life is so hard? Are you struggling with your faith? Have you lost site of the meaning of your life or the purpose God destined you for? No matter what your circumstances may look like, I believe that God brought you hear for a reason. The Word of God is full of wisdom, and I don’t have to tell you how much extra wisdom we need on a daily basis. But more than wisdom, we need Jesus. We hope to provide you with inspirational christian articles that will inspire yet lead you to Christ at the same time. If you read a verse that inspires you, go look it up in God’s Word. If you read an article that inspires you, share it with a friend. God’s grace is sufficient for you today. He has enough peace, hope, love, and joy for your every need. Discover it by finding Him.