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Jacob and Sylvia: A Christian Adventure Fantasy Novel


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Jacob and Sylvia is a story about a young boy named Jacob who stumbles upon a strange world full of danger. He meets up with a girl named Sylvia, and together they evade a shadowy creature named Destiny.

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Jacob and Sylvia by Troy Black is an adventure fantasy novel about two children who find themselves lost in a strange world. They battle werebears, sea monsters, dragons, and eventually death itself.

Jacob is entrusted with the task of protecting his new friend Sylvia from a perilous foe called Destiny, but he begins to learn that the creature is seeking something else entirely, and that he is going to have to ultimately make a choice between saving himself and saving her.

This book is a witty, pleasant read full of delightful characters, strange places, and danger at every turn. It takes a deep look at the value of life, the weight of death, and the importance of true friendship.

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  1. Amazon Reviewer

    This book was amazing

    I enjoyed that it pulled me away from any preconceived notions that I have about how life works and let me have an imagination like a child again. That anything can happen. I loved the way the narrator interjected throughout the story. All around an amazing read.

    – Taylor Riley

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  2. Amazon Reviewer

    “Jacob & Sylvia” is full of the spontaneous adventures

    I loved this book! “Jacob & Sylvia” is full of the spontaneous adventures, lovable characters, and classic, fantastical themes that capture a child’s heart and imagination. Not just an ordinary children’s story, the entirety of the tale is told through a careful cleverness of words, which reveal the inspirational underlying message that adults will read, admire, and want to share with all their friends and family. A book for all ages!

    – Kelsey Parnell

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  3. Amazon Reviewer

    Delightfully Witty!

    “Life was never meant to be fair.” A wonderful story that draws you in from the very beginning with fantastical scenery and endearing characters. I enjoyed the narration and humor all throughout this tale. The illustrations for each chapter were a wonderful touch.

    Although the beginning of this story seems like an aimless boy’s journey, that’s the point! You’ll find a startling revelation in chapter two keeps you reading to see what trouble Jacob (and then Sylvia) find next.

    A great read for middle schoolers and up!

    – Ryan Snowley

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  4. Amazon Reviewer

    A brilliantly unique read

    A brilliantly unique read. The unconventional narrative style combines with the book’s child-like perspective to reach its audience in a new way. The characters’ questions about life reflect our own suppressed concerns. If you are looking for a heartfelt, thought-provoking story that is both an action-packed adventure and an ominous tale, then Jacob and Sylvia is for you.

    – Reese Black

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  5. Goodreads Reviewer

    An enchanting story with the heart of Destiny pumping through its pages…

    Alice in Wonderland meets Chronicles of Narnia in Jacob & Sylvia;
    With Destiny pulling you in and sacrifice the enchantment behind it all!

    On a side note: This would be a fun summer read with the kids around a camp fire. Roasted marshmallows and fireflies will only add to the wonder this book will capture you in 😀

    Thank you Troy Black for letting me escape into the mind of a child again.

    – Melanie Kilsby

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